We’ve crafted a High Table Investment Platform that’s all about helping you achieve steady growth and reduced risk. Our accelerator fund focuses on supporting early stage companies that are part of our accelerator programs, using standardized terms. Plus, we offer you the chance to directly invest in seed financing rounds of our portfolio companies. It’s a win-win opportunity for investors like you to be a part of our thriving ecosystem.

Join Forces with High Table

With almost two decades of experience, we’ve been fostering the growth of startups in various industries, from energy and mining to logistics and retail, nurturing their businesses and linking them to thriving markets and successful partners.

Embrace Global Opportunities

Expand your horizons with High Table’s diverse startups spanning across the globe, enabling you to establish a truly international investment portfolio.

Make a Lasting Difference

Get hands-on with startups as you provide valuable guidance and mentorship, playing a vital part in their remarkable journey to success.

Unlock New Innovations

Stay at the forefront of innovation by gaining access to cutting-edge technologies and disruptive ideas developed by fully developed startups.

Create Meaningful Change

Contribute to solving pressing issues like food scarcity, climate change, and poverty, making a real social impact that goes beyond mere profits.

Ready to Get Started?

Discover groundbreaking startups and unlock investment opportunities in our invitation-only Demo Day event called The Whale Tank.

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