Startup FAQ

Where does the High Table program happen?

The program takes place in Dubai, but you can join remotely from anywhere in the world. It kicks off with a 3-hour Founder Summit and features weekly Startup Meetups, all on Google Meet.

How does High Table choose which startups to fund?

We have an admissions process that’s open to any startup in Fintech & Blockchain, Environmental Technology, or Health & Wellness industries. Your company can be based anywhere in the world.

How many startups are selected for the accelerator program?

In our Winter 2023 program, we will admit only 5 startups. We will increase that number in subsequent programs, but we will always keep the group size relatively small so our team of professionals can focus intensely on each startup, and so we can offer intimate mentorship and coaching.

How can we get funding for our startup?

Apply now for our next accelerator program.

How much does High Table invest?

In our standard deal, we invest $200,000 of professional services into your startup in exchange for 5% of your company.

Can I get a custom deal?

Absolutely! We understand that every startup is unique, and we are flexible in tailoring our offerings to meet your specific needs. If you require only select services from our comprehensive range or have specific requirements, we are here to accommodate your preferences. Our team will work closely with you to create a custom deal that addresses your specific needs and optimizes the value you receive from our accelerator program. Just let us know your requirements, and we’ll craft a tailored package that suits your startup’s needs and ensures you receive the support necessary to thrive.

How much do High Table’s investors invest?

High Table’s investors have the flexibility to invest at varying levels. We will assist your startup in determining a proper valuation, enabling you to confidently present your funding ask to investors.

What is the time commitment required of founders?

All parts of the High Table program are technically optional. However, our team will be working diligently everyday during the program to build your business, and we will expect a similar time commitment from you. At a minimum, we will need you to be available via chat during weekdays to answer questions and share ideas. The more time you spend focused on growing your startup, the more you will maximize the odds of your company succeeding. The three months at High Table will be the most productive time of your life!

What are the dates of the next program?

Our Winter 2023 program is from November 6, 2023 to January 6, 2024. All applications must be received by October 23, and all applicants will be notified by October 27 if they are accepted into the program.

Can I apply as a single individual?

Yes, we accept solo founders. However, we know from experience that running a startup with a single founder is difficult and we advise most entrepreneurs to identify a co-founder.

Does my company need to be incorporated before I apply?


I have multiple ideas, can I submit more than one application?

No. We recommend that you apply only with your best idea.

How are the investors of The Whale Tank selected?

High Table does a soft pitch on behalf of the startups in our accelerator program to a select group of high net worth investors. We take this step so startups don’t waste their time pitching to uninterested investors, and so investors aren’t being presented with concepts that they aren’t interested in. Only investors who have demonstrated an interest in investing in at least one startup in our program will be invited to The Whale Tank.

What is the format of The Whale Tank?

The Whale Tank is an exclusive virtual event held online, where startups that participated in our accelerator program are given a dedicated 15-minute slot to present their business. Presentations should be concise, lasting no more than 5 minutes, leaving ample time for a meaningful Q&A and negotiation session of approximately 10 minutes. While the event timeframe may be limited, we understand the need for in-depth discussions. So founders and investors will have the opportunity to connect directly after the event concludes. The entire streaming event is designed to last approximately 2 hours, providing a focused and efficient platform for startup showcase and interaction.

How can I view The Whale Tank?

Only startups that have participated in our accelerator program and a pre-selected group of interested investors are sent invitations. Afterwards, we will publish an edited video of the event on YouTube, and we are in talks with a TV network to broadcast The Whale Tank so participating startups can get even more exposure for their businesses.

What if my startup doesn’t get funded in The Whale Tank?

If you don’t secure funding in the first round, we will make a private offering for your startup to a larger pool of investors. We work directly with King Capital, an equity group based in New York that provides capital to small businesses. Since we have a history of funding projects with this firm, we are very familiar with their requirements and we’re confident in our ability to secure financing from their group.

How did you choose the name High Table?

If you suspected that it was a John Wick reference, you’re absolutely correct. But we also chose the name to symbolize our dedication to leveling the playing field for small startups and granting them access to the prestigious “high” table, where established industry players thrive. We believe in empowering emerging businesses with the opportunities, resources, and connections they need to compete at a higher level, bridging the gap between startups and established players in the business world.